My Murder Mystery Party

I told you guys I would post on my friend’s party! I didn’t take as many pictures as I wanted to, but I’ll still tell you guys the story of the night… (I’ll be using the names people used last night)

As soon as everyone got to her house, Rose told everyone house/game rules, and then everyone introduced themselves. I’ll be going in order of the introductions.

Lita Winter began first. She was a time traveler from the year 2000 coming to the Victorian party with her dog, Shnazzleberry.

Gregory Jones was next. He was a businessman from New York. He sold the business.

Next would be Captain Derry. He was a pirate (That’s all I remember from their bio)

After Captain, Adrian the Businessman told us about his deal with Gregory.

Anim the orphan was next.

Then, a spooky with named Madame told us about herself.

After that, Lita’s dog told their story of being a sadistic killer for food.

The detective Steven then told us about himself.

Lastly, the Seer, Chloe told us our fortunes.

I was Lita Winters. A time traveler from 2000 with my pet dog. We were determined to find the killer.

Well, the FIRST game didn’t go as planned. It was doing well until we started playing Salem. Turns out Steven the detective was the killer. The next game got VERY intense.

When it comes to playing Salem, I get very fired up. I’m not a sore loser, I’m just angry when sore winners win. So, when they won, I was fired up. I had known who it was since the beginning of the second game. It was Anim and Shnazzleberry. It was just obvious to me. Steven had figured it out pretty quick too. But we all got so tired and we were just stressed out that we ended it. In the end, it was an okay night. I was just stressed for most of it lol.

It was a 6.3/10 lol



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One Year Blogiversary!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has stuck with me throughout this long process of me figuring out my thoughts on life. My very first couple posts were me complaining about a lot of things.

Now, if you compare me to when I stared this, I’ve changed a lot. I have a job, my friends feel real, again, and I’ve matured to the point where I don’t need to complain about every other thing that’s going on.

I just wanted to thank you all for everything than you guy’s have done, even if you haven’t done anything. 🙂

SO, what I plan to do about the incoming month, might have to wait a little bit.

I might have to push back the start of Caitlynne (my channel). The camera I want is a little spendy and I haven’t really done any saving for it lol.


My Happiness Planner Unboxing

Hello! I am very pleased to announce… I GOT A HAPPINESS PLANNER

Okay, well It’s a 52 week planner, but I don’t care! 😀 So, after school today(It’s 6pm where I’m at) I got a text from USPS saying that it was in my mailbox. AAAAAA
So, here’s the unboxing in picture form)

Me waving
Me wielding a knife
Look! An open box!
The lame kind of bubble wrap
OOH a sticker!
This is when I cried internally.
I already love this pen!
This is when I fell in love
I WILL follow these rules!!

Alright, well, I’m gonna go have fun with my new friend! 😀 😀

-Forever, Caitie

Valentine’s Day!!

Happy Valentine’s day, everyone! I just wanted to wake up from my cold coma and just tell you about my Valentine’s Day. 

Well. I’ve been in a relationship for 3½ years, so I’m not one of those lonely people out there today. Here’s a picture of us 

It’s somewhat recent, but oh well. 

But! Today isn’t just for couples. It’s for love all around, family, friends, SOs. You share your love for the people around you. 

Express your love for the people you care about the most. 🙂 

-Forever Caitie.