In A World|| Preview of novel?

In a world, where people live on Mars, Earth, and Luna, the earth has fallen. Society has broken down to the point that no one likes it there, except one girl. One girl on Mars. She has fallen in love with the oceans, animals, and more of “The Golden Year.” A time thought to be the best years on Earth.

Before they moved off of it.

Now, the planet is in need of her assistance to help Prince Conrad remove his uncle from the throne. BUt, can they do it when he has eyes everywhere? Can Larissa Jonas help Prince Conrad with his neverending battle between him and King Redbird?


Hey, sorry. I know this is a little cheeky, but I’ve been writing lately and I think I have something good here. I was DEEPLY inspired by Sailor MOon and The Lunar Chronicles. I’m still working out the rough edges, but it’s hard to do that when I have homework, class, and work itself.

Next term, I will be taking a fiction writing class, though, so that should be fun.

I was thinking about doing blogtober, but I got lazy and decided not to. :p Other than writing, nothing has really changed from my usual days. I hope to get a really cool post out soon, I swear!!



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My Room’s a Mess||Life Adventures

Ho boy, have I got a story to tell you.

I don’t I just wanted to ramble. The first week of college went by in a blur. I already have a speech and an essay due next week so there’s that. Speech on Monday (uuugh) and the rough draft of the essay on Tuesday (final on the 5th).

Other than that, NaNoWriMo is coming up and I’m not sure whether I will do it or not due to class work and work. I’m not sure if I can write every day and just thinking about it kind of stresses me out lol.

Oh! I also got inspired by The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer to write about a girl who lives on Mars and Earth is in shambles…. Yeah, I’ll tell you about it later. soon

Other than all of the things I’ve said, Youtube is okay. I’ve had some issues posting videos, so I’ll try to fix that as soon as I can!!! I still have some slight anxiety when filming videos. I’m deathly afraid of anyone hearing me talk to a camera, so I don’t know how I’ll ever get over that.

Well, I better get going. I hope to blog about actual topics soon~


Is This Adulting? |Life Adevntures

Sup. I ordered my books for college a week before class started. Class starts Monday. I currently only have one of my books.


I have finally decided to start bullet journalling, so that’s fun. AND! I started my Youtube channel. I don’t have a good editing software, yet because school and bills come before luxury, so I have to wait to buy one. Sorry, for now, you’ll only see me post small vlogs, tags, and discussions in lower quality.

But I have good news.


For the sake of my sanity, I’ll blog, and upload once a week (separate days) and I’m going to bring my Patreon back with better prizes!

I know some of you don’t have jobs or money to help my ‘being poor’ cause, but you can still subscribe, share my posts, anything to help my sad cause

I know this may sound like I’m begging you for money, but I’m not (or at least not trying to). I just want to make better content for you guys.

I want to publish my books, create my game, and be an actual good content creator from the bottom of my heart. I love being connected with you all, but I want better quality content.


The development of my game is going really well, I’ve even created a small novel from it. I really hope to share it with you guys soon.






Trying Something Not So New?|sned hlep

Late night post (my time. It’s 9:54 pm) but I wanted to talk before I started doing this.

Would you guys like to read short stories?

Now, I know I’ve written before, but some people prefer different content.

If I  would be doing this, it would probably be horror/thriller. Like something like Clue, where someone’s a killer and people need help.

I don’t know why everything that I do is like this, but I just love the idea of a hidden killer who murders everyone. It’s just a dumb obsession of mine lol.



Dredlock Court: Night 5 and Day 6

“Werewolf, wake up. You might take this game. I have no clue what your strategy is, but it looks like it’s working. Who do you wish to kill?” The werewolf points. “Okay. I don’t see how that can really affect your plan, but whatever. Go to sleep.”


“Okay, you guys can wake up.” The alive wake up. “Okay, so after yesterday’s brutally long day, Sara was the one to die at the werewolf’s teeth.” “Denver, you have to listen to me. It has to be Jesse. Tanner said that she’s been talking throughout the ENTIRE game” “Yes, I know. I was going to vote her.” “What? No, it’s Harper. She’s barely talked. It has to be her.” “Yeah, but when Sara died, it hit me that you’re the werewolf, so yeah.” Denver looks over to Dublin to see if he’s correct. Dublin mouthed the person who was actually the werewolf. “Alright, well, vote.Each of Harper and Jesse havea vote. Dublin, who do you think it is?” Trina asks and waits patiently. Both Harper and Jesse point to each other. “I think it Jesse.” “Well… CONGRATULATIONS. Jess was the werewolf with Sam.” Everyone cheers except for Jesse and Sam.

Quickly, the lights turn off. “Again, really? Come on Dublin. You really need to fix thi-.” It is unclear who spoke this. Suddenly a scream engulfs the room. Then another.

The lights then slowly turn back on.

The screams from everyone were too overpowering to hear the yelling from Dublin’s parents.

The sounds coming from the basement were horrifying to see.

When the lights for the basement came back on, no one was okay or alright, because Sara and Tanner were nowhere to be seen.


Dreadlock Court: Day 5

“Sadly, my prediction was correct. Because Lorelai called Sam out, the other werewolf did eat her alive, because she found out who the other werewolf was.” People gasp. “I did, I did. But because they killed me before i could say, you can never know, unless you find them or you DIE by them. “Tanner’s been quiet since we lynched Carson. He could be the other werewolf.” Jesse points to Tanner. “False information.” Tanner jokes. “I don’t see it.” Harper intrudes Jesse’s and Tanner’s staring contest. “I do.” Denver snorts. “Me too.” Sara says.

“What is your evidence that I am the other one?” Jesse clears her throat “Well, you haven’t said much since we killed Carson.” “But, you just can’t use the stereotype, that’s not fair to even suggest that it’s valuable evidence.” Dublin suggests. “You’re dead, be quiet.” Jesse snarks. My house, my rules. No stereotypes this far into the game.” Many others agree. “Don’t forget about the other stereotype. Jesse could be it, considering how much she’s talked through the game.” Tanner suggests. “I’m not it, though. I’m the Hunter, and if I die, I can kill Tanner if you kill me, even if he’s not the other werewolf.” Somewhere in the background, Caitlin snorts. “Listen, more than half the time that Tanner is werewolf, he’s quiet throughout the end part of the game. It has to be him with how his body movements are, he’s nervous, he doesn’t want to die knowing how bad he’ll lose.” “Well, have come to a decision? Who wants to lynch him?” Denver, Sara, and Jesse raise their hands, while Harper and Tanner’s hands stay down. “Sorry, Tannie, you’ve been lynched.” “Well, it wasn’t me. I was a villager.” Jesse, Harper, Sara, and Denver all curse under their breath. “Well, the rest of what we call a town, go to sleep.”

Dredlock Court: Night 4

“Werewolf, was my prediction correct?” The werewolf nods. “‘Kay. Go to sleep. Seer, who do you want to see?” The Seer points. Trina nods. The Seer gets excited. “Go to sleep.” Suddenly, the lights flicker. The dead and Trina begin to freak out. “What’s happening?” Harper yells. The lights flicker back on. “Nothing. The lights just flickered off. They’re back on, now. No worries, calm down everyone.” Dublin soothes the upset dead folks and others. “How often does this happen, Dublin?” Trina asks.

“Well, my house was built in the very late 1800’s, so that means we can’t fix the lights without the city’s approval, even though my parents own the house. Whenever my parents ask to fix something in the house, the city takes two months to get back to them, and most of the time they say no. So we’re stuck with a broken house.” “Why don’t you guys move?” Caitlin speaks up. “Well, his parents love this house, and if they move, they’re moving out of the city.” Denver says. “Why?” Carson asks. “My dad wants to be closer to his parents, because my Nana is having some problems taking care of my Grandpa Joe by herself and it’s been very hard on my dad. It’s tough to see your parents like that.” Dublin trail’s off. A soft silence engulfs the room.

Sara breaks the silence “Maybe we should continue with the game. It’s almost nine and my parents are picking me up around ten.” “That’s probably a good idea.” Trina agreed. “You’re all awake, so let us continue.”