NEW LAYOUT!! and updates???

Hey, all! I got bored out my old theme, so I got a new one. I really like this one, so yeh. Also, I WAS WORRYING ABOUT MY FALL FINALS AND I FORGOT TO START BLOGMAS, so I’m only doing a 12 days of Christmas blogmas thing. I’m too lazy to all month long so :P! I’ll be starting 12 days before Christmas(THE 13TH). So, what I’m going to do for each day, as a heads up, is *drumroll*

  1. Q&A(If you guys want to ask me questions, I will answer then)
  2. How I decorate and get pumped for Christmas
  3. My best presents from anyone ranked.
  4. My favorite Christmas songs ranked.
  5. My white Christmas story
  6. My Christmas List
  7. Top 10 Christmas Movies
  8. My Christmas Traditions
  9. Favorite Christmas Book
  10. Whether I would be on the naughty list or not.
  11. Why family is important this time of year.
  12. A reflection of my year.

I hope you guys enjoy my very first Blogmas 😀