Angry at Hackers

So, before I start my rant, I want to start this on a lighter note. I am going to start a song of the week dealio. The song of this week is Hooked On A Feeling by Blue Swede.

some dirty hoe stole my Skype account


So, to start off the story, I asked a friend to skype with me. I was having issues signing in, so I just reset my password. 5 times.


So, my friend put up with this for 45 minutes. I wanted to scream. Lucky for me, I tried to be light hearted through it all.

I made a new skype account an hour later.

I had to let go of so many memories from 2012 to May because some stupid hoe wanted MY Skype account.

I put this all on my Snapchat that I saved my story so I can show you guys because AAH

(I do curse, so if you don’t like hearing/seeing it, don’t watch it)

Gah, typing this is making the feels come back lol.

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See you later, Alligators!! 😀

Writing again!!

Hi!! I’m just updating you guys on my writer’s block.


YES. WOO. I’m so happy it’s gone. I’ve had this unfinished outline for months. So, when I begin to write the first chapter of of, I will post it, and you guys can help me figure out my writing style.

I’ll give you a little plot-line.

When Darien Buren, a geneticist is researching his sister’s DNA, he notices that he and his sister’s,Shannon and Leia, have different DNA that the rest of the Human population. Their names are spread through the press. When he gets a phone call saying he is from a magical island off the coast of Peru, he and his sisters go there, but things don’t turn out well. The king hates them, no one wants to talk to them except for their aunt, and apparently Leia has a power that will get her killed, they have to find a way to restore the island before Leia and the king kills them all.

Does that sound good? Gaeh. I don’t know. I’ll let you know though. I hope to post it soon!

-Forever, Caitie 🙂