Dredlock Court: Day 2

“So, everyone wake up.” They all open their eyes. “Last night, a tragedy happened.” She walks over to Dublin’s chair. “Dublin was in this very house, snacking on some chips with Denver, and the lights in the basement suddenly went out. Denver screamed and screamed for Dublin, but he never answered. When the lights came back on, Dublin’s body was mangled with pieces of his body was ripped off.” Everyone looked horrified. “Too much?” “Little bit, T.” Jesse said. Trina face hardened. “Oh yeah? Well, get out!” “What?” Jesse looked scared. Trina’s face relaxed. “Old hag chose you. Scooch!” “But I thought she chose Denver?” Jesse said. “I was joking, because he always gets kicked out.” Everyone relaxed as Jesse huffed and got up from her chair. She walked up the basement stairs and closed the door. “So, discuss.” Trina said. Tanner poked at Jesse’s chair. “It could be her, considering how concerned she looked when she got out.” “But It also could be Denver, because how Trina worded his death sequence.” Sam said. “But it also could be you, because you defended her.” Lorelai said. “All we have to do is find two people. TWO. That means we have to single a couple people out. So, who’s more likely to be it? Who’s acting like they would be a werewolf?” Denver said. “You right now, Denver. There’s always two stereotypes of Werewolves. Either being really quiet, or being very talkative.” Sara pointed out. “But this is the only time he’s talked. If you’re saying that those stereotypes are true, then it would be Tanner.” Carson said. “But then if it were true, then it would be Carson and I because we haven’t talked like everyone else. But Harper hasn’t said a word yet, and if that she were it, then it would be Jesse and Harper, because Harper hasn’t talked!” She stood up from excitement. “Then we should lynch Harper!” Sam yelled. “I JUST HAVEN’T SAID ANYTHING. I’m trying to be sensible instead of blaming everyone.” Harper screamed.

Trina ends the excitement as she said “Right, well, I’m going to bring back Jesse.” She walked upstairs and opens the door to find Dublin’s brother. “Shut up down there. I’m trying to sleep before I have to work later.” “Sorry, Nate. Can you bring Jesse down?” Dublin asked. “JESS. Get down there.” He yelled as he walked back to his room. “Aaaaeeeh. Sorry, watching TV.” Jesse said as she ran down to the basement. “What happened?” “Woke up Nate by everyone yelling. But it’s time to go to sleep now, so sit down.” Jesse sat down. “Alright, everyone go to sleep…”

[Wait and see what happens next Wednesday!, Who dies next?]


Dredlock Court: Night 1

“Alright, let’s begin.”

Everyone closes their eyes. “Werewolves, wake up and look for your partner, then chose to kill someone.” They point to someone. “Good. Go to sleep.

“Seer wake up. Who do you think it is?” They point to someone. She shakes her head no. The seer goes back to sleep.

“Old hag, wake up. Who would you like to remove from discussion?” They point to someone. “Denver, leave the room when discussion comes around.” “Awh, come on! Why is it always me!” “Shush, townsfolk! We don’t need two people to die tonight!” They all laugh at Denver.

“Come on, guys! She’s trying to narrate who’s all dying tonight by the werewolves hand.” Jesse says. “Suck up.” Sam says to her.

“Shut up! We’re trying to play!” Lorelai shouts.

“Hunter, wake up. I just need to know who you are. Go back to sleep.”

“Alright, we’re done. Denver, get out.”

“Yeah, yeah. I know.”  He decides to wait until he knows who dies to leave.


[Read what happens next Wednesday c:]

Writing again!!

Hi!! I’m just updating you guys on my writer’s block.


YES. WOO. I’m so happy it’s gone. I’ve had this unfinished outline for months. So, when I begin to write the first chapter of of, I will post it, and you guys can help me figure out my writing style.

I’ll give you a little plot-line.

When Darien Buren, a geneticist is researching his sister’s DNA, he notices that he and his sister’s,Shannon and Leia, have different DNA that the rest of the Human population. Their names are spread through the press. When he gets a phone call saying he is from a magical island off the coast of Peru, he and his sisters go there, but things don’t turn out well. The king hates them, no one wants to talk to them except for their aunt, and apparently Leia has a power that will get her killed, they have to find a way to restore the island before Leia and the king kills them all.

Does that sound good? Gaeh. I don’t know. I’ll let you know though. I hope to post it soon!

-Forever, Caitie 🙂

Story pt.7

“Dana, I don’t understand how we did it this time. How did it happen?” Christina Turm asked. “I have no clue, but my mom should be on her way, soon. I’m pretty sure your mom might not care as much as my parents, though. We should have asked your mom, instead.” “I doubt it. My mom would get so mad if she found out that we got so drunk and streaked on campus. Why do we always get in trouble?” “My parents say, that we’re descendants of the town idiot, so there could be a good reason why I always get in trouble. You hang out with me, so, that’s your fault.”

Dana and Christina waited a half an hour until Quinnly Reese arrived. “Hey, girls. What did you do now?” “Got drunk and streaked. Can’t be back on campus for a week.” Christina spoke up. “Fun, could have been as bad as bringing an Alpaca and an Emu on campus, you know. Last month.” Quinnly looked at Dana with a troubled looked. “It wasn’t us, seriously. We went to bed, and woke up with them there. Someone set us up.” Dana clarified. “That’s true. We figured out who it was after they apologised for doing it.” “Sometimes, I think it’s a waste for your father and I to be sending you off to Salem State. WHy do you always do this?” “Town idiot trait, remember?” “Hon, we three know that’s not true. Your dad and I moved here from California when you were two.” “Really? I always thought you were a local. My family is, so is the Gertrude’s.” “Yeah, but your great ancestor killed Beauregard Smith.” Quinnly said. “Not true! It was proven that Leonard Phillips did. They stoned him and buried him at sea. His body came back the next year, perfectly in tact. They say that he was a vampire or something. “No, that was the Mayor. Smith. You’re mixing up the two. He was the vampire. He lived for another thirty or so more year, until he just crumbled away.” Dana said. “I took a history class for the city during High School, last year. Mr. Losbagos talked about all of the rumors from the past. They say that Mayor Smith never died, as he is a vampire. You know, that mumbo jumbo.” Dana finished. They talked about all of the rumors and myths of Verona as they drove back home.