Welcome to my brain!

Howdy do, I’m Caitie, or Lunasia (I don’t care so :p).

I pretty much only made this blog in the beginning to rant, but turns out I hated it lol, so I changed it to just things I want to post about. I want to write more, because for a really long time, I wanted to be an author, but I believe that my writing sucks and until someone tells me it is actually good… Yeah lol. I have content that I want to do, but not yet. I will take a break around June-Julyish so I can get that content going maybe, but yeah!

Other than that I typically post what’s on my mind, unless bad shit happens and I want to complain about it . Yeah. Other than that, I am a quiet person with not that many friends(Don’t pity me, I like it sometimes) so if you think that I am a super chill person, talk to me! I won’t bite.

Also!!!!!! I talk about my boyfriend a lot. I’ve posted a couple pictures of him and I but you won’t see him that often unless he makes a guest post, which we have talked about it before, so he might do it, but anyways! His name is Gage, just so you know who I’m talking about, not that I’m meaning to brag about being in a relationship. Well, I’ll talk to you later 🙂

-Forever, Caitie