Dredlock Court: Night 5 and Day 6

“Werewolf, wake up. You might take this game. I have no clue what your strategy is, but it looks like it’s working. Who do you wish to kill?” The werewolf points. “Okay. I don’t see how that can really affect your plan, but whatever. Go to sleep.”


“Okay, you guys can wake up.” The alive wake up. “Okay, so after yesterday’s brutally long day, Sara was the one to die at the werewolf’s teeth.” “Denver, you have to listen to me. It has to be Jesse. Tanner said that she’s been talking throughout the ENTIRE game” “Yes, I know. I was going to vote her.” “What? No, it’s Harper. She’s barely talked. It has to be her.” “Yeah, but when Sara died, it hit me that you’re the werewolf, so yeah.” Denver looks over to Dublin to see if he’s correct. Dublin mouthed the person who was actually the werewolf. “Alright, well, vote.Each of Harper and Jesse havea vote. Dublin, who do you think it is?” Trina asks and waits patiently. Both Harper and Jesse point to each other. “I think it Jesse.” “Well… CONGRATULATIONS. Jess was the werewolf with Sam.” Everyone cheers except for Jesse and Sam.

Quickly, the lights turn off. “Again, really? Come on Dublin. You really need to fix thi-.” It is unclear who spoke this. Suddenly a scream engulfs the room. Then another.

The lights then slowly turn back on.

The screams from everyone were too overpowering to hear the yelling from Dublin’s parents.

The sounds coming from the basement were horrifying to see.

When the lights for the basement came back on, no one was okay or alright, because Sara and Tanner were nowhere to be seen.



Dreadlock Court: Day 5

“Sadly, my prediction was correct. Because Lorelai called Sam out, the other werewolf did eat her alive, because she found out who the other werewolf was.” People gasp. “I did, I did. But because they killed me before i could say, you can never know, unless you find them or you DIE by them. “Tanner’s been quiet since we lynched Carson. He could be the other werewolf.” Jesse points to Tanner. “False information.” Tanner jokes. “I don’t see it.” Harper intrudes Jesse’s and Tanner’s staring contest. “I do.” Denver snorts. “Me too.” Sara says.

“What is your evidence that I am the other one?” Jesse clears her throat “Well, you haven’t said much since we killed Carson.” “But, you just can’t use the stereotype, that’s not fair to even suggest that it’s valuable evidence.” Dublin suggests. “You’re dead, be quiet.” Jesse snarks. My house, my rules. No stereotypes this far into the game.” Many others agree. “Don’t forget about the other stereotype. Jesse could be it, considering how much she’s talked through the game.” Tanner suggests. “I’m not it, though. I’m the Hunter, and if I die, I can kill Tanner if you kill me, even if he’s not the other werewolf.” Somewhere in the background, Caitlin snorts. “Listen, more than half the time that Tanner is werewolf, he’s quiet throughout the end part of the game. It has to be him with how his body movements are, he’s nervous, he doesn’t want to die knowing how bad he’ll lose.” “Well, have come to a decision? Who wants to lynch him?” Denver, Sara, and Jesse raise their hands, while Harper and Tanner’s hands stay down. “Sorry, Tannie, you’ve been lynched.” “Well, it wasn’t me. I was a villager.” Jesse, Harper, Sara, and Denver all curse under their breath. “Well, the rest of what we call a town, go to sleep.”

Dredlock Court: Night 4

“Werewolf, was my prediction correct?” The werewolf nods. “‘Kay. Go to sleep. Seer, who do you want to see?” The Seer points. Trina nods. The Seer gets excited. “Go to sleep.” Suddenly, the lights flicker. The dead and Trina begin to freak out. “What’s happening?” Harper yells. The lights flicker back on. “Nothing. The lights just flickered off. They’re back on, now. No worries, calm down everyone.” Dublin soothes the upset dead folks and others. “How often does this happen, Dublin?” Trina asks.

“Well, my house was built in the very late 1800’s, so that means we can’t fix the lights without the city’s approval, even though my parents own the house. Whenever my parents ask to fix something in the house, the city takes two months to get back to them, and most of the time they say no. So we’re stuck with a broken house.” “Why don’t you guys move?” Caitlin speaks up. “Well, his parents love this house, and if they move, they’re moving out of the city.” Denver says. “Why?” Carson asks. “My dad wants to be closer to his parents, because my Nana is having some problems taking care of my Grandpa Joe by herself and it’s been very hard on my dad. It’s tough to see your parents like that.” Dublin trail’s off. A soft silence engulfs the room.

Sara breaks the silence “Maybe we should continue with the game. It’s almost nine and my parents are picking me up around ten.” “That’s probably a good idea.” Trina agreed. “You’re all awake, so let us continue.”

Dredlock Court: Day 4

“No one died last night. The werewolves were too occupied being angry at each other after what happened before.” Trina says with a sigh as she sits down, trying not to let anyone look at her pad. “Well, good news, everyone. I’m the Seer and I saw SAM last night. He’s a werewolf!” Lorelai speaks with excitement. “No , I’m not. You’re just trying to pin me against everyone else. You’re just trying to make yourself feel better because you were one of the people that lynched Carson, when he was an obvious villager.” Lorelai showed a small sign of guilt in her eyes. “Even if that’s true, I’m still the Seer, and I SAW you.” Everyone mumbled. “Well, is anyone else going to come out as seer? No, because I AM THE ONLY ONE.” Everyone went silent for a minute. “I mean, she’s not wrong. She is the only one saying she’s the seer. Even if she’s not, there’s a small chance Sam could be a werewolf.” Tanner says to help comfort others. “The villagers are dying fairly quickly, guys. He’s a werewolf. I’m the Seer.” Lorelai finishes. “Well?” Trina asks quietly. “Who votes Sam?” Everyone’s hand goes up. “Well, sorry. Sam. You have been lynched.” “There’s still a chance my other werewolf can win though.” Sam grumbles. “Well, town go to sleep. Lore, I can already predict that you’re going to die tonight.

Dredlock Court: Night 3

“Alright.” Trina says with anger in her tone. “Werewolves wake up. Who do you want to kill?” The werewolves don’t do anything. One of them shakes their head. “Really? Are you sure after what happen just seconds ago?”  They nod their head. “Alright. Go back to sleep. Seer wake up. Who do you think it is?” The Seer points. Trina nods. The Seer gets excited then mouths really. Trina nods her head again. The Seer then smiles then shuts their eyes. “Alright, everyone wake up.”

Dredlock Court: Day 3

“Town, wake up.” Trina says. Everyone looks around, unsettled at the thought of what just happened above them. “Last night, a couple of angry wolves ran up into town and smelled some nice Lamb-.” “You have to be kidding me.” Caitlin says quietly. “They ran up to Caitlin’s barn while she was in their, feeding her newborn Lamb.” “Aw, what the hell, man! Clover didn’t do anything to deserve that! She’s just two weeks old!” Caitlin says as she jumps up out of her chair. “They have something against you, I guess. Maybe you should play nicer, sometimes.” Trina snarks. “Clover is a sweetheart!” Sara snorts. “Whatever, the lamb and Caitlin are dead! Shut up and play!” Carson yells. Everyone looks at Carson like he just shot someone.

“Anyways, Dub, are you okay? After what happened?” Denver sidetracks. “I’ll manage. You’ve heard worse, right?” Dublin sneaks a smile. “Let’s just play the game. It’ll make everyone feel happier.” “Okay, so…” Sam says. “I think we should get Carson. What he said earlier was a little rude. You don’t say things like that at Game Night.” Jesse speaks up. “What?” Carson says as Sara and Lorelai agree. “We’ve told everyone not to say things like that, Carson.” Lorelai says. “Guys, this is a little unfair.” Denver says quietly. “But, he’s done this before, he has to learn his lesson. Let’s lynch him.” Jesse says. “I guess I’m dying.” Carson says as everyone could see the anger in his eyes.

“Why do you two always have to do this?” Dublin asks. “It’s not fair to people that actually *want* to play the game fairly. I know you’re mad at each other after what happened last year-” he says with a tone that unsettles everyone. “-But you two said you could do this. You promised you’d get along. Learn to get along, or you two won’t be invited anymore.” Dublin commands. “Yeah, Harp, Tanner and I agree.” Denver says. Trina and Sam look at each other like they didn’t know what happened the year before. “Jesse and Carson broke up last year after something BOTH of them did.” Dublin says as he looks at the ‘not-in-the-loop’ two of them. “Oh, well, I’m not trying to make this awkward, but the majority wants to lynch Carson-all for their own reasons. Some are trying to play fairly and the legit think he’s the werewolf, and the girls want to lynch him just because their being rude, so may as well lynch him.” Sam passive aggressively says. “I don’t care if they broke up because they’re BOTH being stupid. Let’s just play the game.” Trina agrees. “Carson, I’m sorry, but you have been lynched. Maybe for the right reasons, maybe not.” Trina says as she looks at Jesse. “Whatever, I have my reasons to be upset, still, even-.” “I don’t care! Town go to sleep!” Trina screams at Jesse.

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Dredlock Court: Night 2

“Alright, everyone, go to sleep.” Trina says as everyone closes their eyes.
“Werewolves, wake up. Who do you wish to kill?” They point to someone. “Okay, go to sleep.” They close their eyes. ‘Seer, wake up.” The Seer wakes up. “Who do you think it is?” The Seer points to someone. Trina shakes her head. “Dublin, your dad’s home, come upstairs please!” Dublin’s mom asks from upstairs. Dublin sighs “Okay. I’ll be back.” He gets up and begins to walk upstairs. “Old hag, wake up. Who do you want to kick out?” The old hag points to someone. “Okay. Cool. Go to sleep.” “Can we open our eyes and wait for Dub to get back?” Harper asks. “Yeah-” They hear distant yelling from Dublin’s dad. “What is wrong with *him*?” Caitlin asks. “He’s just a dick. Dublin tries to deny it, but he yells, a lot. Like, every time I’m here, his dad calls him gay because we’re always together. I hate him, so does Dublin and Nate. Lillian just doesn’t see it like that. She thinks it’s just hard discipline.” Denver explains. Everyone hears more yelling from upstairs, this time, coming from Nate and Dublin. Dublin, then opens the door and slams it in his dad’s face. He immediately locks the door. “Good thing we have food and a bathroom down here.” He smiles to make his friends feel better. “I guess it’s time to continue. Town wake up…”

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