In The Woods(Short story pt.1?)

(This is a short story that I might work on if I like it or others like it, so give me some feedback pls(: )

Into the woods, I go. I only have Turner, Isa, and Noah, and our packs of camping gear and food. “Eve, come on we need to get going. We need to get Isa so she can show us the way into the Boroke Wilderness.” Turner yells at me. “Hey, I know the way, too.” Noah yells back at him. “Guys, both of you are wasting time. We need to get Isa and go.” I say as I mock Turner.

Once we get Isa, she leads us two hours north of our little town of Rona, Michigan to the Great Lake area. “Isa, are you sure you and Noah know the same path? I don’t want to get lost in the woods. I trust you, but not Noah.” He says jokingly. “Hey! You can trust him.” She says. “I’m marrying him, aren’t I?” “That doesn’t mean we ALL can trust him.” I jokingly say. Isa tussles Noah’s dark blonde shaggy hair “Yeah, we have the same path. We made sure, like five or six times.” “I’m good, you dick.” Noah says to Turner. “So!” I say loudly “Let’s get going, shall we? We came here for our final year of college for spring break. Are you guys ready to spend three days out here?” I try to pump them up. “Let’s do this!” Turner exclaims loudly.

“We have walked for three hours to our campsite, are we there yet?” I say. “I’m tired and I just want to sit down and eat, then sleep.” Noah checks his watch “We should be getting there within five minutes, Calm down, Cheyenne. Mom and dad will be okay if we don’t call them until we lay down.” “Noah, your parents care about you two. You are their only children going into some woods you found, five hours away from home. I think your sister wants them to know that we’re all okay.” “I want to call my mom, too, Noah.” Turner says. “Whatever, apparently I’m the only one who isn’t worried about our parents.” He continues to walk to the campsite.