My Room’s a Mess||Life Adventures

Ho boy, have I got a story to tell you.

I don’t I just wanted to ramble. The first week of college went by in a blur. I already have a speech and an essay due next week so there’s that. Speech on Monday (uuugh) and the rough draft of the essay on Tuesday (final on the 5th).

Other than that, NaNoWriMo is coming up and I’m not sure whether I will do it or not due to class work and work. I’m not sure if I can write every day and just thinking about it kind of stresses me out lol.

Oh! I also got inspired by The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer to write about a girl who lives on Mars and Earth is in shambles…. Yeah, I’ll tell you about it later. soon

Other than all of the things I’ve said, Youtube is okay. I’ve had some issues posting videos, so I’ll try to fix that as soon as I can!!! I still have some slight anxiety when filming videos. I’m deathly afraid of anyone hearing me talk to a camera, so I don’t know how I’ll ever get over that.

Well, I better get going. I hope to blog about actual topics soon~



Is This Adulting? |Life Adevntures

Sup. I ordered my books for college a week before class started. Class starts Monday. I currently only have one of my books.


I have finally decided to start bullet journalling, so that’s fun. AND! I started my Youtube channel. I don’t have a good editing software, yet because school and bills come before luxury, so I have to wait to buy one. Sorry, for now, you’ll only see me post small vlogs, tags, and discussions in lower quality.

But I have good news.


For the sake of my sanity, I’ll blog, and upload once a week (separate days) and I’m going to bring my Patreon back with better prizes!

I know some of you don’t have jobs or money to help my ‘being poor’ cause, but you can still subscribe, share my posts, anything to help my sad cause

I know this may sound like I’m begging you for money, but I’m not (or at least not trying to). I just want to make better content for you guys.

I want to publish my books, create my game, and be an actual good content creator from the bottom of my heart. I love being connected with you all, but I want better quality content.


The development of my game is going really well, I’ve even created a small novel from it. I really hope to share it with you guys soon.






Don’t Know What To Post? |Life Adventures

Hey, how’s it going?

I can’t think of anything to blog about. May as well, just ramble on about life.

I start school on the 25th, so that’s fun. I ordered my school books pretty late. So far, I have received 1 out of four.

I really want to push good quality content for you guys, so what I’ve been doing lately is revamping my Patreon. I have different rewards now, they might sway people more now. I think doing another collab with someone would be really cool.

I have been posting on my Youtube channel. Obviously, I’m awkward on camera still, but I hope you subscribe to make me feel more comfortable! 🙂

Tell me what you guys want to read/watch! I want to feel more successful on the internet. I’ve just been feeling like this’ll go nowhere, I’ll give up in a couple months because I’ve felt useless like no blogger wants me around, or I’m just not producing good enough content for my followers to read.

Anyways. Still don’t know what I want to post anymore. Might go on a small hiatus, but that won’t do me any good, because I WANT to post, but can’t think of any good ideas for you guys.

Sadness set aside, I hope you guys have an amazing day, good luck out there in the world.


Schools: UK vs US| Collab with All The Jazz!!

Hey, guys! Just wanted to let you know that this was an eye opening experience. We live in very much different situations! It was great getting to know Jazz and how her school works. Enjoy!

Hello, world and all who inhabit it! I am Caitie and this is a very large collaboration with All The Jazz! We both wanted to do a collab and just so happened to be at the same time lol. I had a lot of fun working on this and I hope to do some more collabs with anyone!

So, in the beginning, we couldn’t think of anything to do. But then she geniusly came up with the idea for schools and we went with it.

We have similar, but yet VERY different school systems. Let’s get goooooooing!!!~

How it works:

Jazz: My school (well UK schools) are separated into terms. Like Autumn term, summer term, spring term. Each term is 6-7 weeks long, with breaks in between (Christmas, Easter break… ). We sometimes have exams at the end of terms, but only the important bigger ones like before Christmas break and before Summer break. In school, we have 5 periods/lessons each day. Two periods, break, two periods, lunch, one period, home. Nothing much to it! But my school does something I think only my school does…? Every Friday, we go in later. So instead of having to be in by 8:30am, we have to be in by 9:30am. So we miss period one every Friday. Hurray for lie-in’s every Friday!! This was all about secondary school by the way (12-16 year olds), I almost forgot to mention primary school! Nothing much to report there, the terms are the same, but minus the exams. However in year 6 (the year before going into secondary school) you do exams called SAT’s, they basically tell the secondary school you’re going to your abilities, and what sets you should be put in. It also determines how well primary teachers teach, if the majority did well, those teachers are doing well.

Caitie: So, I’m 99% sure that all American schools start in the fall and end in the summer with breaks in between. My school is on trimesters. Trimesters are when there are 3 parts (like pregnancies) of the school year. Semesters (2 parts) are more common in American schools, but I only have 5 periods/hours and way more time to do homework in class, while most schools have 7 periods/hrs. Each Trimester is about 12 weeks long, with 3 big breaks in between (Thanksgiving, Winter break, and Spring break). Every Wednesday, we start an hour later. Usually, we start at 7:40am and end at 2:40pm, but on Wednesday, we start at 8:40. It kinda sucks, because I’m more tired every Wednesday. At the end of each term, we have Finals. They’re pretty much end of term exams that can really be anything depending on the teacher. The first two trimesters we have two days of finals. 2nd and 4th period on the first day and 1st, 3rd, and 5th period on the second day. During the last trimester, the second and the first-day switch, so we only have a half day for the last day before summer break. Because I’m a senior, I end school a couple weeks earlier than everyone else. I have the 3 days before graduation purely for finals.

What we like:

Jazz: Well, my secondary school isn’t the richest in the world. It became an Academy quite a couple of years ago, so they no longer get money from the Government, and perhaps they’re not great with money management…? :/ My school is known for being quite a sporty school, they do a lot of exercise promotion and sports promotion, and take part in competitions. You also have a great mix of teachers who care, but it’s more like ‘we’ll only start caring about you when you start GCSE’s’ for some teachers. Before we go on a big holiday off school (longer than a week) we have an Awards Assembly where you get Attainments or Endeavors on a subject, depending if your teacher picked you to have one. You also get awards for attendance and punctuality.

Caitie: There are good and bad things about my school. 1. We’re poor as heck! 2. We have a crappy American football team, but everyone still goes to the games. Girls Soccer (football for the rest of the world) is pretty good, I have no clue about our Softball team.  Our Track and Field and Cross Country is pretty good. So is our Swim team. We always have people going to state for Swimming. We have a great Girls Rugby team. They got 3rd in our state last year. 3RD! The choir is pretty popular, too. Last term, I quit Choir because I was going through a life-changing time for school. I didn’t want to bog down the whole Choir because I was feeling sad. EDIT, While I was typing this up, I remembered that my choir got 9th in State on Saturday. Past two years we were top five(I personally blame the Juniors because they SUCK). When it comes to Band, we have a crap program. No one wants to fund the band because they suck, all of the students don’t try hard enough to become a better musician, so we are left with no money. Last year’s band teacher inspired many students to get better, but because she was new to our state, she got all of the diseases that she didn’t have before and got sick all of the time. Our school didn’t rehire her. We were very mad. ANYWAYS, The Arts is a good subject here. Our art teachers are very good at what they do, but they don’t get enough recognition for the school to be proud of them. I live in a city where the LGBTQ+ society runs rampant. Most of my friends are either gay, non-binary, or transgender. I also live in a town full of rich people, pot heads, or wannabe hippies.


Jazz: Getting into uni over here is pretty tough. It starts from the roots…your GCSE
results. I guess what teachers drilled into our heads is right, they are the most important
exams we have to take because they’re the foundation of the rest of our lives really. Once
you get good GCSE results (and use them to get into a good sixth form/college) you have to do well in sixth form (16-18 year olds) and get amazing A-level and AS-level results.
Universities look at ALL of that, and you can do stuff on the side like The Duke of Edinburgh awards (google them if you’re confused) to get more of a chance. It’s really stupid, to be honest, it’s like as soon as you reach the last two years of secondary school, you’re thrown into a sudden whirlwind of responsibility. After sixth form, you can have a gap year to chill and do everything you want to do before you have to go back into education. Obviously
getting into university is MUCH harder if you’re interested in uni’s like Oxford and Cambridge. But that’s another story, I’m not gonna go into all that!

Caitie: Getting into colleges is somewhat tough over here. For tests for the state, we having pretty easy state testing that you have to do throughout Elementary school (Grades 1-6) and 11th grade. The Smarter Balance(SBAC) tests were pretty easy for my except for the math because GEOMETRY IS DUMB AND NO ONE NEEDS IT. Other than those tests, we have the SAT/ACT. They’re tests that you have to study for to get the score you hope for to go to that University/college you want to go to. Since I’m graduating from High School NEXT MONTH(I want to die), I have to make these decisions soon. I do not know what I want to do, yet. It’s okay though. Plans don’t always work out. In each County that we live in, there are a couple local community colleges that you can attend to get a two-year degree or start a transfer degree. You don’t always have to start going to college immediately. You could have a gap year, just to work and save up money.

I hope you all enjoyed this! If you aren’t why don’t you go follow Jazz? She’s a great person and would greatly enjoy some of you guys going to hers as well as me!