She Went to Sleep.

She went to sleep knowing that “Tomorrow will be better.” That’s what everyone is supposed to think when they have a bad day. She went to sleep telling herself that “She’s just overreacting.” Like everyone tells her. She went to sleep saying that her friends care about her, isn’t that what friends are for? The girl began to cry. She wept until she fell asleep.

She woke up the next morning, got herself a cup of coffee and cereal and watched her usual morning show. She got ready for school as her dad began to wake up and make coffee. He washed his hair, shaved and got dressed, while, she got dressed, brushed her teeth, and got her lunch together. They both got their shoes on, as she said goodbye to their cat and her mother. They got into the car and went to the town away from her rural home. Once she was dropped off at her school, she sat down at her table and waited for her friends to arrive. No one spoke to her until her boyfriend arrived at the table. Throughout the day, she struggled to believe that this day was better than yesterday.

The girl woke up. She felt off. Nothing felt right. She texted her boyfriend good morning and did her usual routine. Throughout the day, this feeling never left her side. Once going to sleep, she texted her boyfriend good night and went to sleep. She went to sleep thinking that “Tomorrow won’t be better.” She went to sleep telling herself that “She is sad.” She went to sleep saying that she has to try harder. She went to sleep.