Don’t Know What To Post? |Life Adventures

Hey, how’s it going?

I can’t think of anything to blog about. May as well, just ramble on about life.

I start school on the 25th, so that’s fun. I ordered my school books pretty late. So far, I have received 1 out of four.

I really want to push good quality content for you guys, so what I’ve been doing lately is revamping my Patreon. I have different rewards now, they might sway people more now. I think doing another collab with someone would be really cool.

I have been posting on my Youtube channel. Obviously, I’m awkward on camera still, but I hope you subscribe to make me feel more comfortable! 🙂

Tell me what you guys want to read/watch! I want to feel more successful on the internet. I’ve just been feeling like this’ll go nowhere, I’ll give up in a couple months because I’ve felt useless like no blogger wants me around, or I’m just not producing good enough content for my followers to read.

Anyways. Still don’t know what I want to post anymore. Might go on a small hiatus, but that won’t do me any good, because I WANT to post, but can’t think of any good ideas for you guys.

Sadness set aside, I hope you guys have an amazing day, good luck out there in the world.




I am a shell of myself

Myself from a different time.

This one is sad.

I changed within my body, but not bigger,


Smaller. So small that if you cut me up…

You couldn’t find me. 

I am just an empty shell.

Things that Make Me Happy|For You and Me

Hi! I’m terribly sorry about my rant, whenever it was. I was very upset with my friends. Everyone’s friends can be shitty, sometimes, but what they did was really bad and it insulted me greatly.

In September, I made a list of what made me happy. I can’t really remember what was on it off the top of my head, but 98% of my friends weren’t on it.

There are some people in the world that you don’t need. They’re bad for you, not like Milk Chocolate or Diet Coke. They’re bad, like a sickness or a disease. You don’t necessarily want them, but you have them. You don’t know how to make the pain stop, or at least, relieve some pain. It continues. You’re in agony. You just want it to end, like some stupid game show that’s been on TV for years and they wore it to it’s end. That’s what I feel like around my friends, sometimes. I don’t want them near me, but there they are.

“Life can’t be easy, it’s not always fair.” -Jareth, Labyrinth

I guess I should stop being sad about my life, now. Sorry if I upset you.