Dredlock Court: Day 1

(I thought of this and decided to go with it. I hope you enjoy)

6:30pm. He’s late. He’s riding his bike as fast as he can to make it before the food arrives. Lucky for him, he lives a couple houses away from Dublin.

“I’m hear. Sorry, I’m late, my mom wanted me to eat, but I convinced her Dublin would be giving us food, so I left immediately.” “Well, now that you’re here, here’s your role, I’m about to say what we have.” Trina says. Denver sits down next to Dublin as everyone around them giggles and talks until Trina tell them to quiet down. “Okay, so this round, we have drum roll, please!” Harper runs over to Dublin’s drum kit and rolls. ” Two Werewolves, the Seer, five Villagers, the Old Hag, and the Hunter. Flip over your cards, don’t let your neighbors see them or else you’ll spoil the game.” They all look at their cards and ogle at them as they flip them down individually. “Hello, everyone, I am Sir Tannion of the kingdom Kronus.” “Shut up, Tannion, or should I say Tanner?” Lorelai jokes. “At least come up with a silly name, Lore.” Jesse says.

The lights flicker off and off very slowly. Everyone is startled. “Calm down, guys.” Dublin says. “I just have an old house.” “Knock knock! Hi kids.” Lillian walks down the stairs. ” Here’s the takeout bags and there’s sodas in the fridge.” She kisses Dublin on his head. “Hi, Lillian.” “Oh, hi, Denver I didn’t even see you there.” She says as she walks over and kisses his head as well. “Yeah, I just walked in not too long ago.” Sam gets up to get drinks for Carson, Caitlin, Sara, and himself, while Harper begins to hand out everyone’s food. “Have fun kids, I’ll be upstairs if you need me.” They all say thank you to Lillian. “Alright, let’s begin.