Getting on the road and more.

So, today. I passed my permit test. I was one question off from failing and when I finished it, I walked up and the woman thought I was someone else. They were failing and I passed. I cleared it up right away. I look good in my permit picture and in a week, I’ll be getting it in the mail. My boyfriend got his license as well. We both barely passed our tests. I’m so proud of him and he’s proud of me. Soon, I’ll learn to drive my dad’s stick Subaru, while saving up for my band trip, finding a job, fixing my car, and saving up for my winter beach trip with my friends. So many things to do. So little time.

Man, I am real hungry.

So, this “new life” setup thing is going really well. This blog itself is already making me feel less pressure on my shoulders. I don’t know how I feel about school starting tomorrow. I kinda don’t want to see my friends, and I really don’t want to get homework. I REALLY don’t want to see my “Friend.” AKA, the person I’m slowly cutting out of my life. She’s such a bitch and recently, it came out to me that she hated everyone, even me. So, I’m SLOWLY cutting her away from me. And when high school ends, SHE’S OUTTA HERE.

And that ends my post of the day. Have a beautiful day 🙂