Things I Might Be Good At 1


Some of my new stuff makes me try things that I hadn’t done before/in a long time. This very first one of Thing I Might Be Good At (TIMBGA), is about building birdhouses. I’ve done this before, but the last time I made one was in the Vacation Bible School that I was forced to go to.

So, a couple weeks ago, my mom walked into my room and handed me a decorative birdhouse kit and said “I thought you’d enjoy this.” and walked out. I immediately started building it.

So, first things first. I had to glue the base and the sides together. That was easy, for the most part. Nope. I am an unlucky duck because it would stay together long enough for it to dry. While that was trying to dry, I gule the four panels for the roof together. THAT was easy. I set it in my bathroom sink. Once the base was mostly dry, I glued the front panel on. I glued it on all wonky and it upset me. I glued it all together and set it in a cupboard to dry.

A couple days later, I decided to paint it a purple-brown. That went went well. I Put the eyelet throught the roof and set it somewhere to dry.

A week later, I had a pretty decorative birdie house! 😀


Now, I know that I might be good at building birdhouses!

-Forever, Caitie

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New Updates coming!

Hello! I am excited to announce ~NEW CONTENT!~


I hate not posting more than once a week (and it’ll bring in more views which I have a goal to get higher). So, I sat in school and brainfarted all day until I could come up with more posts I could do, which I think you’ll enjoy greatly (lol).



Just specifically for my writing and to better my blog every once in a while. I want to make money by what I love doing, and I love writing DLC so much. I even have a couple short stories for it and maybe a second book? I don’t know. This is the most inspired I’ve ever been.

Now, because there’s many things going on, I want you guys to stay happy with my content, so tell me what you’d like to see more of when my new content arrives. I don’t know when, but it’s coming!

I really hope you guys enjoy these 🙂

-Forever, Caitie.


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