Music is life

People care about things they love. If you are musically talented, good for you. Write some music, jam out, be yourself. If you aren’t, that’s okay. Everyone feels differently about things. But, my main point here, to some people music is their life. They love everything about, whether it’s singing, dancing, playing, or writing your own. You can do anything with music. 

When I first started high school, I saw most of my friends out on the football field marching and playing music or spinning a flag. I thought it was so cool, while everyone else around me was tuning them out because “they don’t play popular music so we don’t care.” That’s not fair. I watch the dance team, I watch cheer, I watch the plays, and I try stay involved in the sports that I am practically forced to watch. I care whether they do good or not. I want my school to be good at things. 

What happens when someone ruins what you love? That’s what happened thing year. My new band director came in, took away our competitions, made play annoying people band songs, and made bad habits for the future. Us seniors got upset when the rumor came out that the colorguard couldn’t go on the Disneyland trip. We got a petition together, and we won. It was all uphill from there. 

Until he didn’t make the Disneyland trip list accurate. 

The night that I posted that couldn’t go because he’s such a petty asshole, this all came clear to me. The next day, I asked him what would happen. He basically said that I have to wait for someone to drop out of the trip. I hate this man. 

And what happens when I want to room with my friends? Do I get to room with them if people drop out? Or am I stuck with people I don’t want to be with?  What’s going to happen when my friends are stuck with the most hated girl in band(that’s a different story). I don’t want them suffering.

This is getting longer than I expected lol.

-Forever Caitie


Music Theory is Hard

So in school one of my classes is Music Theory, because I’ve wanted to take it in my previous 3 years, but I never had room. So, this is my only chance to take it, and I’m glad I finally have room. So far, the only thing that I’ve had trouble with is key signatures. If you don’t know how to read music, key signatures are hard as hell to understand, unless you are taught in a way that you actually understand them.

It’s tough, man, but it’s really good to learn, because if you have children and they go into play an instrument, you could help them if they have trouble.

-Forever, Caitie.