Why I Love Me Tag

Hey, all. I’m not really a tag person, but I just finished watching 13 Reasons Why, and I want everyone to be okay. I’m a person who wants everyone to be happy. This tag was made by ThoughtfulTash. She created this tag for everyone to feel better about themselves in small ways(that might not be her specific reason, but that’s what I took from reading her post). I wasn’t nominated by anyone, I just want mental health to be acknowledged more, and because this tag was created to make people feel better about themselves, I wanted to do this. I not going to nominate people, because I am socially inept when not in person. SO, let’s this show on the road, right?


  • Post the award on the blog
  • Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you
  • Leave a link to the original creator (ThoughtfulTash) to get a bit more info about WHY this tag was created!
  • Write 10 things you love about YOURSELF and WHY 
  • Nominate at least 5 other bloggers
  • In the comments of the post, can you please send the self-love with compliments to each other

Why I love myself

  • I love my EYES

I’ve always been told I have a beautiful color of very light blue eyes. Hearing compliments about something I’ve always loved, it makes me feel good about my face. My nose and I have never had a good relationship. It reminds me of an evil witch nose. And when I get those compliments for my eye color, something that I personally love… It takes my mind away from the things that aren’t good. Others notice things that I love…

  • I love my HAIR

For a long time, I hated my hair. When I was young, it was short and thin. When I got into preteen age, it thicken IMMENSELY. It got shiny, pretty, long, thick… I enjoyed it. I still enjoy it. Yeah, I get a haircut every couple years (I dye my hair red and I want to keep it healthy). I was lucky to get hair that people compliment me on, some aren’t…

  • I love my HANDS

Your hands show how your life has gone. Whether it has callouses, scars, long fingernails, short fingernails… It show what you’ve been through. I have a cat. He likes to play. I get scratched, scarred. Seeing the scars on my hands reminds me of him, and I love my kitty.

  • I love my APPENDIX SCAR

On my 11th birthday, the whole fiasco with my appendectomy started. I don’t care. It was my fault. When they came to talk to me about the surgery, they asked my parents what type of the surgery I wanted, either through my bellybutton or the original way. I wanted the original way. I wanted to show it off. I wanted to tell people about my experience with staying at the hospital for a month and then going back a month later for the surgery.

  • I love my CARE

I want anyone I know to be happy, whether some people, whether some people believe it or not. When I went to Disneyland on my band trip, Gage had multiple anxiety attacks because my friends were stressing him out. I wanted to scream because he didn’t need that. No one needs it. I am nervous. We all are nervous. I just want everyone to be okay, alive, and happy

  • I love my ANXIETY

It’s hard to hear, but it’s true. I know I hate it sometimes, giving me nightmares, waking me up at night, being afraid of the dark because a ghost is going to murder me. It makes me, well, me. I’ve come to realize that I can’t get rid of it fully, it’s not as bad as others… But, if it’s going to be with me, may as well give it some tea, or a cookie, right?

  • I love my UNIQUENESS

I am a very crazy person. I am weird. I have always been weird. People laugh because my random thoughts and questions because, they’re just so weird. They aren’t laughing at me, because they know how I am. They just love it. I make them happy, and that makes me happy.


Books are just great. Some people love cars, magazines, their friends, their sports. And that’s okay. I love how I love books. I always have, and because I love books, I want to write. I want to write my heart away, put my heart on some paper and let others read confidentially. Books has made me that way. I love books, I love loving books.

  • I love MY GAMES

Just any type of game, really. Card, board, video. I love it all. They make me happy. They make others around me happy, and I LOVE that. I love it when games make EVERYONE happy, even if I showed them the game, or made it myself.

  • I love WHO I AM

I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true. I was raised with a grumpy older sister, nerd parents, and a weird family. I’ve been through a lot, and I mean a lot. I understand life is tough for some. And, I’m happy to know how I have conquered most of the hard stuff that I have to deal with as a teenager.

And this concludes the 10 reason why I love myself. I hope you enjoyed. Please, if you want, do this tag yourself and discover why you love yourself.

Love the life you’ve been given, because, bad things happen, but it doesn’t make you evil, or bad, or horrible. It makes you, you.

-Forever, Caitie.


Valentine’s Day!!

Happy Valentine’s day, everyone! I just wanted to wake up from my cold coma and just tell you about my Valentine’s Day. 

Well. I’ve been in a relationship for 3½ years, so I’m not one of those lonely people out there today. Here’s a picture of us 

It’s somewhat recent, but oh well. 

But! Today isn’t just for couples. It’s for love all around, family, friends, SOs. You share your love for the people around you. 

Express your love for the people you care about the most. 🙂 

-Forever Caitie.