Updates Coming?

Hey, guys.
I just wanted to tell you about some changes that I plan on doing. There’s multiple so I’ll just number it.

  1. I love how Dredlock Court came to be, so I want to do more. I’m just writing each part out, then I’m going to make a page specifically for each chapter of it. You guys will LOVE the ending, I swear.
  2. After each round of DLC, I’m going to need a brain rest. I’m not sure how long I’ll need, but I’ll need a small hiatus. I’ll figure that out on my own.
  3. I will still talk about how my life is going, so what I’ll do is post a life post every two weeks, just for you guys. I haven’t thought of a cute name to call it, yet. If you can come up with a name I like, I’ll give you credit for titling it ;D
  4. Later on, I might do a photography page, just to showcase some things I’ve lived.

Other than what I wanted to tell you, I will still do cute posts here and there, if anything super stressful comes around, but I think that’s it. If you have any thing you want to help me with, go ahead! I’m all for constructive criticism! Just don’t be too mean.

-Forever, Caitie.


Life update??

I still have to do one presentation, but I don’t have school today 😀

I’m almost done with watching Friends, so that’s good. This is just a life update post because I’m a boring person with no life, really. 

Unless your friends make plans and skip out in plans that have been set in stone for months.