Why my “new” friends are the best.

Okay, so they aren’t that new. We’ve been friends for a long time, but they’re looking for change, just like me. Gage and I have been having so much fun this winter break, and it’s amazing. One of them, we were already best friends with, but the other one, we’ve only been friends. Mina is still best friends with us, but she has a life. Elaina(already best friend) was having issues with her best friend, so she decided to hang out with other people for a while and Gage and I hung out with her more. Sera(promoted friend) lost her best friend when she ditched her in the summer. It sucked. So we started to invite her places with Elaina and us. 

The reason why they are so awesome now, is because I laughed a lot during this winter break. I mean, yeah, I have other friends, and I would defend them if people said very hurtful things, but they have hurt me in recent months and I don’t want that stress in my life. 

I would show you a picture, but I don’t know if they’d be comfortable with it.

Anywho. I should be getting back to The Sims 2(I love the Sims so much😉)