Oh, how time flies by so fast. Yesterday, I was going to meet up with my friends, and now it feels like I’m paying for bills with little to no money. I am fresh out of high school with a job that pays minimum wage. For once in my life, I’m happier than I was the day before. Today, I have to work because the shop officially opens up tomorrow and I’m ecstatic. Yeah, I’m stressed out that I need to memorize 24 sandwiches, but I can do it. I’ll be working in a fast-paced sandwich shop with many high schoolers being my coworkers, and in the fall when I start my classes, I’ll be making sandwiches for a bunch of high schoolers.

I can do it, though. I’m not afraid. My anxiety hasn’t come near me. I’ve legitimately been feeling happier and I love it.

Next thing you know, I’ll be moving out to rent my own space.

See ya later, alligator.

My Happiness Planner Unboxing

Hello! I am very pleased to announce… I GOT A HAPPINESS PLANNER

Okay, well It’s a 52 week planner, but I don’t care! πŸ˜€ So, after school today(It’s 6pm where I’m at) I got a text from USPS saying that it was in my mailbox. AAAAAA
So, here’s the unboxing in picture form)

Me waving
Me wielding a knife
Look! An open box!
The lame kind of bubble wrap
OOH a sticker!
This is when I cried internally.
I already love this pen!
This is when I fell in love
I WILL follow these rules!!

Alright, well, I’m gonna go have fun with my new friend! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

-Forever, Caitie