Games I Play

I’m bad at blogging oh my god.


So, I like games. Board, card, video. Pretty much all of them. I’ll start off with board games and see what happens after that 🙂

Board Games


It’s a classic, I mean, come on. I really only like Monopoly, because I am kind of good at it. Whenever I play with friends, I get dominated because my friends go for houses and hotels IMMEDIATELY after getting a Monopoly and it makes me mad.


So, this is a Japanese game about being the most cultured in any area the game has. You can collect knick-knacks, buy clothes, experience things, all while collecting the most points.


Clue, in my opinion, is the best board game. There’s a lot of backstories for each character. And it came out with a great movie. 10/10

Card Games

Ultimate Werewolf

I love this game so much aaaaaaa. I’ve played this game too many times to count. Typically, though, I’m the moderator. I just tell people to do stuff. My friends and I usually played it at our monthly game nights, but we haven’t had one in a while, so I’m not sure whether we’ll be playing it anymore.


So, Salem is like Ultimate Werewolf, but specifically just witches.  There’s at least one witch, one constable, and everyone else is not a witch. There are authentic people from the time of Salem, Massachusetts’ witch trial. My friends and I have only played it a handful of times, but we’re already in love with it.

Video Games

Last but not least, my favorite type of game. I own a lot, so I’ll be telling you guys the ones I play the most, or I love them.

The Sims Series

This one is kind of obvious, but it’s my top tier game. If I were to play any game, it’d probably be Sims 2 or Sims 3. I’ve had multiple Sims games since early childhood.

Stardew Valley

I LOVE THIS FARMING SIMULATOR SO MUCH IT HURTS. It’s so simplistic, there are so many people you can marry and have children with, you can divorce your spouse, and like a million secrets in the game that I haven’t even discovered.

Don’t Starve

I guess I just like Strategy games that force me to think about the future lol.


If you haven’t heard about this game, it’s a dad dating simulator. My favorite YouTubers actually made the game. It has so may dad puns and jokes, and overall, it has had a great review about it all. If you haven’t played it, PLAY IT RIGHT NOW GODDAMMIT.

This is done, now. I am done.

See you later, Alligator!!! 😀

Life update??(I don’t know)

Hi, all. I don’t know, I’m bored. I felt required to post something but I have a test in my English class tomorrow and I am not prepared at ALL. The senioritis is real. This coming week is my finals week, because my school is on trimesters. So, I just wanted to update you guys on my life, ’cause I guess I have some updates.

First things first, I didn’t get the job I had the interview for. Oh well. I’m not surprised. Second, I’m going to Disneyland next week! Yay! I’m going to take pictures of the best memories and I will post them here, if I choose to lol. I want to experience my first time going to Disneyland. Third, I’m still not sure about Stardew Valley and whether you want me to play it or not, because I HAVE NO SKILL IN ANYTHING BUT GAMES soo yeah lol. Fourth, I have been very inspired to write lately, so that first chapter of that book I said I would write should be coming up, I guess. I’m having a tough spot within the writing right now. I’m also trying to develop the characters while writing it, because I don’t know how to write because I am a loser. But yeah.

I just thought of a short story idea that could work for you guys lol. I might ask some people if they’re willing to help me develop the idea further.

I guess I’m done for now. I will let you guys read that first chapter, and I am open to criticism. I love writing and I’m not good, so I want to get better, and if you guys have anything you would’ve changed, tell me 🙂

-Forever, Caitie

Would you like to see a game?

So, I love the game Stardew Valley. It’s one of my favorite games other than The Sims. Today marks the one year anniversary of it being released and throughout the year, there has been so many updates to it, so I was wondering if you guys would like to see it.

It’s like the game Harvest Moon, you know, a farming game, but there are so deep of lore and just cute things, it’s great. It’s so peaceful and just GREAT. 

Would that be something you guys would like to see? It would probably just screenshot of the game, maybe a couple videos here and there, and I’d be telling you what I did or I could take suggestions from you guys. LET ME KNOW PLS

-Forever, Caitie