Life Adventures #2

God, I’m getting sort of bad at blogging on a schedule nowadays. I’m either working or sitting on my butt and watching Once Upon A Time, FRIENDS, or Riverdale. I  have rewatched Friends and Riverdale so many times.

Well, I’m getting ready to move, so that’s fun. Tomorrow, I should be going and testing paints or stuff like that and working it on it in general. My boyfriend and I have been thinking about an accent wall rather than just a big ol’ room color.

Once we get all settled in, and once I get everything ready for the channel, I’ll start filing stuff. The only downside to starting the channel is that I don’t know how my friends will react. My boyfriend doesn’t care. He thinks if I want to do it, I should. So, I will.

I just don’t know how I’ll set everything up, or really about content. I set up a poll on my Twitter page (Shameless self-promo) whether what I should do, and everyone just said Lifestyle. I really don’t know what lifestyle stuff I’ll do! And it’s really bothering me!! I can’t do a lookbook-ish thing because I dress like a garbage can (yikes) and I don’t want people to see my trash of a closet. If you have any ideas, go into the comments!!

Other than all that stuff happening, I am currently working on my card game…? If you guys would like to hear about it, tell me in the comments!!



Why my “new” friends are the best.

Okay, so they aren’t that new. We’ve been friends for a long time, but they’re looking for change, just like me. Gage and I have been having so much fun this winter break, and it’s amazing. One of them, we were already best friends with, but the other one, we’ve only been friends. Mina is still best friends with us, but she has a life. Elaina(already best friend) was having issues with her best friend, so she decided to hang out with other people for a while and Gage and I hung out with her more. Sera(promoted friend) lost her best friend when she ditched her in the summer. It sucked. So we started to invite her places with Elaina and us. 

The reason why they are so awesome now, is because I laughed a lot during this winter break. I mean, yeah, I have other friends, and I would defend them if people said very hurtful things, but they have hurt me in recent months and I don’t want that stress in my life. 

I would show you a picture, but I don’t know if they’d be comfortable with it.

Anywho. I should be getting back to The Sims 2(I love the Sims so much😉)