Why bad things happen to good people|Life update

So, every four years my high school goes on a trip to Disneyland to march there and just spend all of Spring Break there. With this new band director, things have been a little crazy. He doesn’t tell people about fundraisers that you have to sign up for, and he doesn’t tell people outside of band about anything.

I turned my behavior contract in days before it was due. He took it from me. I talked to him about scholarships because my dad lost his job and I wouldn’t be able to pay for the $800 and some dollars. He and I worked it out. Everything was good, I was doing my part of fundraising, things were good.

Until I find out tonight that I’m not on his list. That means, if he finds my physical copy of my Behavior contract, I might have to pay ~$1,000 of the money I don’t have for the way there and back, the hotel, and the pass to Disneyland.

I don’t deserve this. I have lived a hard life, and I’m only 18. This guys has ruined my senior year by taking away our marching band competitions, treating us like we’re 12 years old, and now this. Gage said that if I can’t go, he isn’t either, and he’s dropping band. Sera and Elaina are trying to figure out any way that I can still go, and I love them for it. They’re my best friends, we were going to room together with Emily too. They want me to go. I want to go. I might still want to go, I don’t know.

I didn’t petition for this to happen to me. I’ll update more on it when it comes.

-Forever, Caitie