My very first book review!


My first review! Wooo!

So, I’m not really sure what books to review, right now. So, I’m going to review books that I read some time ago(?)

The Martian

I read The Martian the year before it came out as a movie, but I didn’t see the movie until sometime this summer. The book itself was GREAT. The movie doesn’t quite compare to the book, because the logs he does every day are pretty funny in the book, while in the movie, they’re based purely just to move the plot along, and I know movies are supposed to do that, but it would’ve been so much better if the director or others if the Aquaman part was in there. OH BOY.

The Lunar Chronicles

This is actually one of the greatest book series I’ve ever read. It goes into depth about every small detail, great character development, it-it’s just overall great.


I’m bad at reviewing things. I might get better? lol. Hopefully, you got a kick out of this. I’ll do more reviews when I have time to read more books. Anywho, I’ll be leaving now.


P.S- I changed my outro name, because I prefer my nickname more :p