Life Adventures #2

God, I’m getting sort of bad at blogging on a schedule nowadays. I’m either working or sitting on my butt and watching Once Upon A Time, FRIENDS, or Riverdale. I  have rewatched Friends and Riverdale so many times.

Well, I’m getting ready to move, so that’s fun. Tomorrow, I should be going and testing paints or stuff like that and working it on it in general. My boyfriend and I have been thinking about an accent wall rather than just a big ol’ room color.

Once we get all settled in, and once I get everything ready for the channel, I’ll start filing stuff. The only downside to starting the channel is that I don’t know how my friends will react. My boyfriend doesn’t care. He thinks if I want to do it, I should. So, I will.

I just don’t know how I’ll set everything up, or really about content. I set up a poll on my Twitter page (Shameless self-promo) whether what I should do, and everyone just said Lifestyle. I really don’t know what lifestyle stuff I’ll do! And it’s really bothering me!! I can’t do a lookbook-ish thing because I dress like a garbage can (yikes) and I don’t want people to see my trash of a closet. If you have any ideas, go into the comments!!

Other than all that stuff happening, I am currently working on my card game…? If you guys would like to hear about it, tell me in the comments!!


New Updates coming!

Hello! I am excited to announce ~NEW CONTENT!~


I hate not posting more than once a week (and it’ll bring in more views which I have a goal to get higher). So, I sat in school and brainfarted all day until I could come up with more posts I could do, which I think you’ll enjoy greatly (lol).



Just specifically for my writing and to better my blog every once in a while. I want to make money by what I love doing, and I love writing DLC so much. I even have a couple short stories for it and maybe a second book? I don’t know. This is the most inspired I’ve ever been.

Now, because there’s many things going on, I want you guys to stay happy with my content, so tell me what you’d like to see more of when my new content arrives. I don’t know when, but it’s coming!

I really hope you guys enjoy these 🙂

-Forever, Caitie.


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Dredlock Court: Day 3

“Town, wake up.” Trina says. Everyone looks around, unsettled at the thought of what just happened above them. “Last night, a couple of angry wolves ran up into town and smelled some nice Lamb-.” “You have to be kidding me.” Caitlin says quietly. “They ran up to Caitlin’s barn while she was in their, feeding her newborn Lamb.” “Aw, what the hell, man! Clover didn’t do anything to deserve that! She’s just two weeks old!” Caitlin says as she jumps up out of her chair. “They have something against you, I guess. Maybe you should play nicer, sometimes.” Trina snarks. “Clover is a sweetheart!” Sara snorts. “Whatever, the lamb and Caitlin are dead! Shut up and play!” Carson yells. Everyone looks at Carson like he just shot someone.

“Anyways, Dub, are you okay? After what happened?” Denver sidetracks. “I’ll manage. You’ve heard worse, right?” Dublin sneaks a smile. “Let’s just play the game. It’ll make everyone feel happier.” “Okay, so…” Sam says. “I think we should get Carson. What he said earlier was a little rude. You don’t say things like that at Game Night.” Jesse speaks up. “What?” Carson says as Sara and Lorelai agree. “We’ve told everyone not to say things like that, Carson.” Lorelai says. “Guys, this is a little unfair.” Denver says quietly. “But, he’s done this before, he has to learn his lesson. Let’s lynch him.” Jesse says. “I guess I’m dying.” Carson says as everyone could see the anger in his eyes.

“Why do you two always have to do this?” Dublin asks. “It’s not fair to people that actually *want* to play the game fairly. I know you’re mad at each other after what happened last year-” he says with a tone that unsettles everyone. “-But you two said you could do this. You promised you’d get along. Learn to get along, or you two won’t be invited anymore.” Dublin commands. “Yeah, Harp, Tanner and I agree.” Denver says. Trina and Sam look at each other like they didn’t know what happened the year before. “Jesse and Carson broke up last year after something BOTH of them did.” Dublin says as he looks at the ‘not-in-the-loop’ two of them. “Oh, well, I’m not trying to make this awkward, but the majority wants to lynch Carson-all for their own reasons. Some are trying to play fairly and the legit think he’s the werewolf, and the girls want to lynch him just because their being rude, so may as well lynch him.” Sam passive aggressively says. “I don’t care if they broke up because they’re BOTH being stupid. Let’s just play the game.” Trina agrees. “Carson, I’m sorry, but you have been lynched. Maybe for the right reasons, maybe not.” Trina says as she looks at Jesse. “Whatever, I have my reasons to be upset, still, even-.” “I don’t care! Town go to sleep!” Trina screams at Jesse.

[This one was really intense! What happens next week?]

Updates Coming?

Hey, guys.
I just wanted to tell you about some changes that I plan on doing. There’s multiple so I’ll just number it.

  1. I love how Dredlock Court came to be, so I want to do more. I’m just writing each part out, then I’m going to make a page specifically for each chapter of it. You guys will LOVE the ending, I swear.
  2. After each round of DLC, I’m going to need a brain rest. I’m not sure how long I’ll need, but I’ll need a small hiatus. I’ll figure that out on my own.
  3. I will still talk about how my life is going, so what I’ll do is post a life post every two weeks, just for you guys. I haven’t thought of a cute name to call it, yet. If you can come up with a name I like, I’ll give you credit for titling it ;D
  4. Later on, I might do a photography page, just to showcase some things I’ve lived.

Other than what I wanted to tell you, I will still do cute posts here and there, if anything super stressful comes around, but I think that’s it. If you have any thing you want to help me with, go ahead! I’m all for constructive criticism! Just don’t be too mean.

-Forever, Caitie.

Music Theory is Hard

So in school one of my classes is Music Theory, because I’ve wanted to take it in my previous 3 years, but I never had room. So, this is my only chance to take it, and I’m glad I finally have room. So far, the only thing that I’ve had trouble with is key signatures. If you don’t know how to read music, key signatures are hard as hell to understand, unless you are taught in a way that you actually understand them.

It’s tough, man, but it’s really good to learn, because if you have children and they go into play an instrument, you could help them if they have trouble.

-Forever, Caitie.