Life Adventures #2

God, I’m getting sort of bad at blogging on a schedule nowadays. I’m either working or sitting on my butt and watching Once Upon A Time, FRIENDS, or Riverdale. I  have rewatched Friends and Riverdale so many times.

Well, I’m getting ready to move, so that’s fun. Tomorrow, I should be going and testing paints or stuff like that and working it on it in general. My boyfriend and I have been thinking about an accent wall rather than just a big ol’ room color.

Once we get all settled in, and once I get everything ready for the channel, I’ll start filing stuff. The only downside to starting the channel is that I don’t know how my friends will react. My boyfriend doesn’t care. He thinks if I want to do it, I should. So, I will.

I just don’t know how I’ll set everything up, or really about content. I set up a poll on my Twitter page (Shameless self-promo) whether what I should do, and everyone just said Lifestyle. I really don’t know what lifestyle stuff I’ll do! And it’s really bothering me!! I can’t do a lookbook-ish thing because I dress like a garbage can (yikes) and I don’t want people to see my trash of a closet. If you have any ideas, go into the comments!!

Other than all that stuff happening, I am currently working on my card game…? If you guys would like to hear about it, tell me in the comments!!


Life Adventures #1

This week’s song is Tubthumping by Chumbawumba

I have been so lazy with doing anything I am so sorry. I have been tired as all heck because I’ve been either working or watching Netflix. I just haven’t actually lived in a while.

So, I should update you guys on what else I’ve been doing. nothing

Well, my plans for the rest of the summer, or at least until September 25th, is to pack up my stuff because I’m moving in with my boyfriend!! Yay!!

Not really that exciting, I’m just moving into his parent’s house when they move. I live closer to my school right now, but because I don’t have my license,  I can’t drive there. But, my boyfriend and another friend of ours has classes about the same times as ours, so we can carpool and it’ll be easier, gas wise. It also helps me with the fact that I’ll live less than a mile away from my workplace, so that’s a major plus! lol. Really the only down side to it is his family. They aren’t bad people, they very nice, but I was raised differently than Gage was, so his parents are more open with opinions and stuff like that. Like, my parents raised me with a homemade dinner each night (even though I’m picky and I usually only eat half of it). I like fruit and vegetables, they’re great to have around.

But, whenever I have food at Gage’s, someone eats it, and that makes me mad. So, I plan to use my dad’s mini-fridge so I can store it in my room and have my snacks there.

AND!- And, I should be starting my Youtube channel when I move there, but I need to get some things for the channel before I start it (like a lighting system and a setup and content).  Speaking of Youtube Channel…

What would you like to see?

I’m really open to doing anything, not as much makeup because I suck, but I can do it!

Let me know!

See you later, Alligator!! 😀


Games I Play

I’m bad at blogging oh my god.


So, I like games. Board, card, video. Pretty much all of them. I’ll start off with board games and see what happens after that 🙂

Board Games


It’s a classic, I mean, come on. I really only like Monopoly, because I am kind of good at it. Whenever I play with friends, I get dominated because my friends go for houses and hotels IMMEDIATELY after getting a Monopoly and it makes me mad.


So, this is a Japanese game about being the most cultured in any area the game has. You can collect knick-knacks, buy clothes, experience things, all while collecting the most points.


Clue, in my opinion, is the best board game. There’s a lot of backstories for each character. And it came out with a great movie. 10/10

Card Games

Ultimate Werewolf

I love this game so much aaaaaaa. I’ve played this game too many times to count. Typically, though, I’m the moderator. I just tell people to do stuff. My friends and I usually played it at our monthly game nights, but we haven’t had one in a while, so I’m not sure whether we’ll be playing it anymore.


So, Salem is like Ultimate Werewolf, but specifically just witches.  There’s at least one witch, one constable, and everyone else is not a witch. There are authentic people from the time of Salem, Massachusetts’ witch trial. My friends and I have only played it a handful of times, but we’re already in love with it.

Video Games

Last but not least, my favorite type of game. I own a lot, so I’ll be telling you guys the ones I play the most, or I love them.

The Sims Series

This one is kind of obvious, but it’s my top tier game. If I were to play any game, it’d probably be Sims 2 or Sims 3. I’ve had multiple Sims games since early childhood.

Stardew Valley

I LOVE THIS FARMING SIMULATOR SO MUCH IT HURTS. It’s so simplistic, there are so many people you can marry and have children with, you can divorce your spouse, and like a million secrets in the game that I haven’t even discovered.

Don’t Starve

I guess I just like Strategy games that force me to think about the future lol.


If you haven’t heard about this game, it’s a dad dating simulator. My favorite YouTubers actually made the game. It has so may dad puns and jokes, and overall, it has had a great review about it all. If you haven’t played it, PLAY IT RIGHT NOW GODDAMMIT.

This is done, now. I am done.

See you later, Alligator!!! 😀

Where I want this to go

Hello, all!!

This week’s song of the week is Cool Patrol by Ninja Sex Party 😀

So, I have plans to grow this blog for many years to come, but I also want more things. Not like I’m greedy or anything lol. I just feel like I can expand my brain to other places.

I want to eventually start a Youtube channel. I am still not sure about some things, but I should be getting it up at the latest, September or so.

The reason why I’m telling you guys this early is so you can expect more information about it later on so I can set myself up to be successful.

It’s called LemonTree. It’s the same icon as my cute little lemon tree.

You can look it up, but you won’t find anything :p

Alrighty, I should go.

See ya later, Alligator!!!!!

Angry at Hackers

So, before I start my rant, I want to start this on a lighter note. I am going to start a song of the week dealio. The song of this week is Hooked On A Feeling by Blue Swede.

some dirty hoe stole my Skype account


So, to start off the story, I asked a friend to skype with me. I was having issues signing in, so I just reset my password. 5 times.


So, my friend put up with this for 45 minutes. I wanted to scream. Lucky for me, I tried to be light hearted through it all.

I made a new skype account an hour later.

I had to let go of so many memories from 2012 to May because some stupid hoe wanted MY Skype account.

I put this all on my Snapchat that I saved my story so I can show you guys because AAH

(I do curse, so if you don’t like hearing/seeing it, don’t watch it)

Gah, typing this is making the feels come back lol.

If you guys want to follow me on Snapchat, put so in the comments below!!

See you later, Alligators!! 😀

My Dreams and Goals

Hey, hi, hello!! Welcome back to my forever changing blog! Today, I will talk to you guys about –(God, I sound like a lame Youtuber lol) my dreams and goals for my future life as THE Adultiest Adult!


But first, we have to determine the difference between dreams and goals.

Dreams, to me, are things that can be possible to achieve, like being as popular as PewdiePie on Youtube. But, a goal is something that can be achieved over time, like being a better cook.

So, let’s get started.


  • Getting 150 followers by the end of the year
  • Either get a ferret, or a turtle
  • Get all the stationary I want, dammit.
  • Have a credit card


  • Save up enough money to move out
  • Get my license
  • Get my car up and running so I can drive myself
  • Build a mini desk (Post to come?)
  • Eat healthier
  • Get fit

For now, these are my current dreams and goals. I hope you liked this post, expect similar posts. Have a wonderful day

See you later, alligator!!

Things I Want To Do Before College.

Hi, lovelies! How’re you guys?

To start this end of a hiatus on a good start, I’m going to try and post a lot more than I have in the past. I’m also going to try and be more open with you. As bloggers, we all have things that we want to keep away from the blogosphere, and I have a fair share of them, but I feel like I’m being more secretive rather than saying the right things. So, to start this off right, I’m going to make a list of what I want to do before I start my college classes on September 25!!

  • Beach Trip!
    • For a long time, my family had a tradition of going to the beach and staying in our beach house. Our beach is about 2 hours away, so we packed for a long drive. We spent the weekend there. The last time we went, it was just my grandparents, my parents and I. My grandma invited her sister and she brought her granddaughter, so I wasn’t alone. It was a lot of fun.
  • Camping!
    • I haven’t gone camping in years! I love just being in nature, with the plants and the animals. It’s just so nice so sit by the campfire, eating hot dogs, underneath a blanket and just have fun.
  • Clean out my Closet!
    • I’m tired of my t-shirt and jeans look every day, and I have clothes that I still own from middle school. I think it’s time for an upgrade.
  • Buy new clothes
    • This goes with the one before, but I want new clothes that are in trends right now, rather than own a bunch of clothes that make me look like a blob.
  • Eating Healthier
    • Everyone has those moments of feeling just gross from eating gross all the time. So, FARMER’S MARKET HERE I COME

I think that might be it, guys. There probably isn’t much, because I really only worked all of the month, but I expect to do that until late August. Alrighty.

See you later, Alligator!! 😀